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It's your body's reset process

So much of what our body does is reset during sleep and deep rest. Sleep allows your body and brain to slow right down and work on recovery, so that you're not only feeling better mentally and physically the next day, but longer term too. if you don't get enough sleep, your concentration, mood, motivation and immune system start to suffer.

It alleviates stress and anxiety

Sleep helps you feel more relaxed and refreshed. A lack of sleep not only makes you feel less energised but can contribute to feelings of difficulty and you may find yourself struggling to cope with things which are not as stressful when you've had a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased distress and anxiety levels, therefore working on a good sleep routine is very important.

It restores your creativity, productivity and concentration

Getting a better night's sleep lets you do more of the things you like doing. We can think more clearly, remember more information and make better decisions. A clear, focussed and alert brain will help you learn and retain information and to be creative.

It strengthens your immune system

Getting enough rest helps you feel fitter, healthier and more able to tackle the day. Sleep provides essential support to your immune system, giving you a well balanced defence system which can adapt quickly and respond efficiently to bugs, viruses, vaccines, and less severe allergic reactions. During sleep, certain components of your immune system ramp up, meaning that sleep actively repairs your body while you sleep.

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