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Guardsman Protection

Accidents can happen, but relax we've got you covered with the Guardsman Furniture Care Package that includes a Furniture Protection Plan and a Care Kit and/or Mattress Protector

So what is a Furniture Protection Plan?

A Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan ('Plan') is essentially a 'no excess' furniture insurance plan. It covers you for life’s little accidents, so you can enjoy your furniture with total peace of mind.

How the Protection Plan works

You simply pay a one-off fee for a Guardsman furniture care package, which includes the Furniture Protection Plan and a care kit and/or mattress protector.

There are no excesses to pay or annual renewal costs and the Plan covers your furniture for a period of FIVE years from when you receive your new furniture. 

If anything ever goes wrong, then Guardsman's network of specialist technicians are on-hand to repair your furniture or if necessary, order and expertly fit replacement parts. In the unlikely scenario that your furniture cannot be repaired, Guardsman will order and arrange replacement furniture for you. 

The Plan primarily covers accidental damage and stains. It does not provide cover for damage that naturally occurs due to normal use and ageing over a period of time. For full details on what a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan covers, please see the Guardsman website.

Making a Claim

If you have a Plan and need to make a claim, simply go to Guardsman - Make a claim and either; log-in to their customer portal, download a claim form or give them a call where they'll guide you through the simple step-by-step process.

To learn more, watch our video below:

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