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Whether you are lucky enough to have bagged a converted warehouse apartment or are just a lover of open-plan living and exposed brick, this look is for you. Industrial is all about bringing personality, adventure and life into your home without making an effort. It’s influenced and inspired by things you’ve seen on your travels. It loves mixing textures, colours and styles together to create a unique look.

Industrial interior colours

The industrial colour palette is monochromatic of greys, whites and blacks. These main colours are complemented by hues found in natural wood, brick, or concrete. Red and orange are popular colours for decorating and accessorising an industrial home.

Industrial furniture

Our Industrial look chases the hippy traveller lifestyle, making interiors look as though the occupants have quite settled down yet. They are softened by inviting a little colour and mix of fabrics into soft furnishings.

Still, the usual industrial furniture elements like studs, vintage leather, metalwork, and grey are present but subdued and warmed up with hints of pastel colour, textured fabrics and more refined designs. Industrial can be quite masculine, but you can soften the look by introducing feminine touches like fabric sofas in softer colours, fabric bedframes and a more gentle industrial look to the dining.

Masculine and Monochrome

The Stanton sofa range is perfect for creating a more masculine Industrial look in your living space. We’ve kept it simple with grey cushions, chunky wooden occasional furniture and retro accessories.

Dining room

Casual, easy and low-key, Industrial dining spaces tend to take on the look of a cool hipster-style cafe by mixing functional bench seating and comfy cushions with solid wood furniture and fresh ingredients. We added subtle pops of colour to our Industrial bistro look with throws, retro lighting and tableware.

Chairs around the table could be mixed, and crockery is likely to be a collection of different pieces bought from curiosity shops rather than a complete dinner set.


Our Lexington bedroom collection will help you create a cool urban sleeping space, complete with enough storage for everything you need while not overcrowding your room. Dress your furniture simply and accessorise with metal and leather for maximum Industrial effect.

Industrial decoration

Decorate with muted tones and rich textures, but don’t overdo it: less is more in an Industrial space.

Accessorise this look with copper, wooden, and metal lamps, leather-bound books and trunks, tripod lights, sisal rugs, heavy ceramics, plain and simple bedding, textured blankets, floor cushions, lots of candles and nick-nacks collected from around the globe.

A love of both natural and engineered materials suits the Industrial look. Be confident in mixing brick, wood, copper, steel and leather, and find unique things that suit your personality. Express yourself with Industrial style!

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