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What is hygge?

First of all, if you're wondering, Hygge is pronounced 'hoo-ga' /ˈhʊɡ.ə/. Loosely translated, the Danish concept Hygge means cosiness but that doesn't even begin to explain its many facets. In essence, it is a feeling of warmth and exploring the simple pleasures that make you truly happy. With many interpretations, it's up to you how you adopt this of-the-moment ritual in your home. It can mean just simple things like lighting a few candles and wrapping yourself up in a soft blanket, or lifestyle choices like spending more time with your family at home. You can also make your whole living space radiate a comforting and inviting Hygge vibe. Read on to find out how.

What is hygge in interior design?

A hygge home is about belonging to a moment and to each other - family and friends. A work-life balance is an essential principle of Hygge and compared to the busy working world of some countries, possibly explains why the Danes are among the happiest communities. A hygge home helps you become content and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Aspire to be minimalistic in your interior design, don't overcrowd your home with all sorts of furniture. Everything from the colours of the walls and floor coverings to the choices of furniture and decor items should focus on enhancing cosiness in your home.

What colours are hygge?

Natural, earthy tones

Feeling closer to nature is a key part of the lifestyle, so natural, earthy tones like soft brown, beige, pale blue, and warmer whites are all considered hygge colours. They will exude relaxation, warmth, and connection.

Colours resembling hand-knit throws and blankets, like grey and greige (a blend of grey and beige) are also excellent choices. There are no universal colour palettes though, colour is very much personal. Opt for hues that create a peaceful atmosphere for you, especially when lit up by candlelight or fire.

Hygge furniture: Scandinavian but cosier

Hygge furniture mixes contemporary Scandinavian design with the ultimate cosiness. For your hygge home design, look for furniture made of natural materials, featuring soft lines and organic shapes, perhaps wooden shells and bare legs. Pieces with exposed legs will leave an open space between the floor and furnishings thus giving your rooms openness and balance. Also, they are also a great way of not breaking the way of natural light hitting your rooms so much. Choose furniture with lots of padding and cushions in which you can sink in after a long day.

How do you hygge a room?

Hygge decor is minimalistic and focuses on making your home cosier and warmer. Your home decor should use neutral colours and earthy tones that will bring a sense of belonging with nature and evoke positive emotions. The key to hygge a room often lies in small touches added to what you already have. Here are a few tips on how to create a hygge decor in your home.

Tip 1: Add plenty of textured soft furnishings

Comfort is everything so adding lots of cushions, blankets and throws is a must. Think of huge hand-knitted chunky throws and textured scatter cushions with tassels along the edges. They will all add a homey touch to your home decor. Rugs will also be your best friend when you're trying to make a room more hygge. Go for ones in neutral, creamy-coloured ones with minimalist patterns.

Tip 2: Choose natural materials

To feel reconnected with nature, use lots of natural materials and wooden home accessories. Hygge decor heavily lies on natural elements, stacking and mixing different types can be a good idea, too. Raw, rustic textures will give a unique character to your rooms.

Tip 3: Create cosy spots for get-togethers

Make the dining table the hub of your home, surrounded by your favourite people eating and drinking for hours on end, setting the world to rights. Cosy up your dining room with beautiful candles and stylish bouquets in vases. Serve your dishes in stylish dinner sets in earthy tones and add extra texture with placemats and coasters.

Build a sanctuary of calm and an inclusive feeling of closeness in your living room huddled around a log fire.

Tip 4: Create cosy spots for downtime

Try creating snug areas and perhaps a reading nook where you could just stay forever with a good book and a cup of tea. They will help you switch off at the end of a long day thus promoting better mental health. You will also get more excited about curling up with some good reads or binge-watching the newest Netflix series.

Tip 5: Introduce plants and flowers

Enliven your space with houseplants and flowers. Besides them being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, greenery instantly elevates your home and has calming effects. Plants also purify the air leading to better both physical and mental health. If you aren't a green-fingered person, do not worry. Artificial plants and flowers will also boost the atmosphere in your rooms, and nowadays they are especially lifelike.

Tip 6: Have lots of candles around

The pure act of lighting up a candle will bring calmness in itself. Scented or not, having lots of candles around your home will create a moody and cosy ambience. We also recommend using reed diffusers and room sprays that suit your personality for the ultimate homey feeling.

At this time of year, feeling warmth in every sense of the word is vital to survive the season and Hygge is on hand to deliver. Snuggle into a pile of plump, cosy cushions and layer up with woven, wool and chunky cable knit throws for the ultimate feeling of wellbeing. We've pulled together some of our favourite cushions, throws, lighting and decorative accessories to help you Hygge-up your home and illuminate your soul the Danish way...

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