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The Fabbrica brand is more than just great furniture. With constant design innovation, they have achieved products adapted to the ever-evolving needs of the modern home. The designers at Fabbrica believes that great design is everybody's right, and through these values, created pieces available to a wider audience. With unique designs at an accessible price point, Fabbrica stands out as a favourite in the Sterling Home furniture range.

Founded in Germany in 1998, Fabbrica celebrates everyday life through great design. With a strong brand identity, expressing inspiration for dream homes worldwide, they offer furniture for every home and for all tastes. Through collaboration with Europe's top furniture designers, who share their passion for making a positive impact, they produce innovative, timeless pieces for all. Sterling Home are proud to offer our customers only the best, and Fabbrica certainly ticks all the boxes.

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Visit us in-store, where you can see and feel our Fabbrica products before purchasing. Also, feel free to meet our knowledgeable staff, who are happy to answer any question you may have.

The Fabbrica Mission

The brand's vision aimed to elevate the essence of daily living through thoughtful design, recognising that their offerings transcended mere furniture. Driven by the conviction that everyone deserves access to quality design, Fabbrica embarked on a journey to revolutionise traditional approaches, meeting the dynamic demands of the contemporary world. Their focus was pioneering innovative solutions to cater to a diverse audience, offering high-quality products at a more inclusive price than prevailing industry standards.

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