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1. You can choose between a frosted or natural finish.

If you prefer the natural look, there's plenty of forest green trees to choose from. If you prefer a snowy look choose a frosted or flocked finish.

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2. You'll get a stand too...

...and it'll fit properly! No more sawing and chopping the trunk of a real tree to make it fit into a stand or holder. Artificial trees come with stands which fit the base of the tree perfectly so you can stand it up in seconds.

3. There's no mess and no fuss

Your hoover and your bare feet will thank you for the lack of falling pine needles if you choose an artificial tree! It also means that if you've also chosen a tree skirt, it will stay pristine and needle free too.

4. You can get a tiny one

If you're short on space, want a Christmas tree for your desk, or have pesky pets who like to pull your decorations off, faux trees are easy to find in petite proportions. Perfect for every room in the house!

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5. They are easy to put up, take down, and store away

Unlike a real tree, artificial trees come in easy to put together sections. They can also be dismantled quickly and easily, and stored away for next year.

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